Our Privacy Policy

All information which is acquired by Vilkon Solutions during the course of professional practice is treated as confidential. It includes personal details, nature of the work commissioned, and any data, results or reports of our client, generated in the course of a consultation, whether they are generated by us or by the client. These will not be disclosed to third parties, or used for personal gain or benefit, without prior written consent from the client. All data, results and reports generated for a client remain the intellectual property of the client, and we do not make any claim to these.

However, we do retain the intellectual property rights, to any mathematical and statistical methods, and computer programs or procedures that we develop during the course of our consultancy for a client, unless the methods or programs are contractually commissioned by the client and adequate compensation has been provided for the same.

Intellectual property that we develop and retain may be published in refereed journals or other scholarly forums or may be developed for commercial purposes. If such intellectual property is to be published, it will be accompanied by simulated data that replicates the phenomena that were observed in the clients’ data, unless the client provides written consent to use their data, in which case, the client will be invited to be a co-author in the scholarly work. In some cases, partnership in a commercial venture may also be negotiated.

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