Firmware Development

Vilkon Solutions has extensive experience in developing firmware for embedded systems based on 8/16/32 bit processors. The end application of these devices range from simple systems like temperature terminal to complex system architectures like web enabled chat device.

Firmware developed by us will effectively optimize the performance of the embedded system. Proven expertise in firmware design and development quickly bring the concept to a prototype stage. Hence, the latest technologies can be demonstrated while they are still new.

We have developed firmware for a variety of products including:

  • Zigbee Networked pool chlorine control
  • RF based home automation
  • RS485 based automation unit
  • WiFi enable door phone
  • Time and Temperature Display on Nixie Tubes
  • EEPROM Data-logger
  • Hand held device for paint dispensing

Vilkon Solutions also provide system and mobile software. We have developed many software applications including Android Mobile Applications and VB based parameter configuration tools. We generally provide these application for testing and operating the complete electronics solutions developed by us.


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