Electronics Design

Vilkon Solutions is a single window destination to get everything one need for a electronics product. We have a bucket of services including product feasibility and specification study, circuit design, PCB design, Firmware development, software development, prototype development, and manufacturing. We put our best efforts to create a proposal fitting best into customer’s requirements. We understand that the design of any product is critical to its manufacture and future success. To make sure the best possible results we implement a step by step electronics design approach. This enables enhancements and customer feed-back throughout the product design period.  To provide support and convenience to our client we have uploaded a helpful guide to electronics product development, non-disclosure agreements, and examples of technical documentation at our Download page.

  • Functionality, Requirements, and Specification

This is an important initial step where the foundations of the design project are laid out. Under a non-disclosure agreement we discuss the electronics design and how it will work both technically and from an end-users perspective. From this we build up a picture of the performance and requirements of the design project. We are also able to suggest additional features or potential issues.

  • Feasibility Study

Once we are satisfied we have a good feel for the electronic product design we propose a plan to move forward. This proposal summarizes our understanding of the product and states the product specifications. It describes technically any special techniques or technology we plan to use. From this we can approximate a time-scale for the work and so quote project costs and any tooling costs up-front to build the electronics prototype. Unlike most companies we do this ‘feasibility study’ free of cost.

  • Prototype Design and Development

On receipt of order we will set to work designing the electronics circuits, PCB Designs, developing firmware and programming software. We always try to make the electronics prototype as close to the finished product as possible; this serves to highlight any production problems early on. Once a working electronics design prototype has been manufactured it is submitted to the client for evaluation. The project can then either move to the final stage or have additional features added to the electronics design based on client feed-back.

  • Documentation

When the client is satisfied with the electronics prototype any final amendments are made to the manufacturing documentation to ensure everything is correct. Unlike some design houses; all the manufacturing documentation is then handed to the client with no hidden fees or small print.


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