Why Choose Us ?

1. Have an expert team to handle design task

Vilkon have an expert team to cover different phases of project design and development. Our engineers have years of domain experience in PCB design, power supplies and power electronics design, analogue and digital circuit design, firmware development, product development, etc

2 We are innovative and delivery focus

Vilkon’s highly experienced and well-trained team of engineers is a blend of skills, knowledge and experience. Central to this is our desire to use the best methods and techniques to meet our clients’ individual needs. We take each project as a learning opportunity which helps us improve our knowledge base.

3. Capable to provide a complete solution

Vilkon is capable to provide complete solutions to clients. To let our clients enjoy one stop solutions we do third party collaborations. We provide certifications and mechanical design also when it’s a part of the essential requirements.

4. Provide Customized Work support

We understand technical, financial, and timing requirements of the clients. We discuss and place best offers which suits the requirements.

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Vilkon Solutions have been set-up with a common objective to provide electronics solutions for End Users and Industrial Customers. We aim to distinguish ourselves with high quality of work and contribution toward the electronics industry. We provide services and products to our clients and customers. We understand that our clients have various level of requirements, so we always come up with a curtailed proposal exactly meeting the needs. We can see huge demand for electronics devices which has led to rapid growth of electronics especially the consumer electronics segment. To make human life easy and intelligent here we have come up with the Solutions.

Vilkon Solutions is an electronics consulting and product designer company based in India. We have a group of expert engineers in domains including PCB Design, Firmware Development, RF circuits, Wireless communication, analogue and digital circuits, power electronics, magnetic design, and product development. We collectively work to create quality results in a timely manner. With a superb expertise over diverse concepts of electronics design and varied industrial experience, our team is well equipped to impart an outstanding environment to learn. In doing so, we make use of most recent technologies along with using the advanced lab equipments and electronics components. We are well equipped and learned to provide results meeting international standards and world class quality.


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